2088: Friends’ Running Base of Kansas City

Nelson lived in the time of Trump the First. Trump built the Mexican Wall, repealed the Affordable Care Act, replaced it with Trump Care, and removed the fetters that were preventing the Incorporations from maximizing their profits.

Universal Basic Income replaced the welfare state; but it just meant everyone had a few dollars to play the lottery and there were no government agencies employing federal workers with attitudes. Congress got to save a lot of money, private industry became fully-automated, and the motor of the Western world spun on to another extreme. [Cut to the Chase by Rush]

Nelson opened the Friends’ Running Base of Kansas City. It was a place where you could get a shower, change clothes, go to the bathroom, and then go to work. Runners and the homeless were his most frequent guests. There was a small kitchen, and you could fix yourself some food. It was self-serve from the pantry. Some people brought their own food and usually left some behind. Nelson spent Friday afternoons clearing out the fridge and freezer.

The Running Base really took off after the Sanctuary Cities united. Times were so hard that people were allowed a fresh start once every seven years. Trump called it Freedom Year, but it was based on the Sabbath Year from Leviticus. That’s how he sold it to the Republicans.

The concept was simple. For a week in early spring, the gates of the Sanctuary Cities would open, and anyone from anywhere could move without papers. People who were in jail for non-violent crimes could leave the city, and try for a fresh start somewhere else.

When you arrived in a city, you checked in with the Settlement Department. You were given an apartment, work clothes, and an account for your Basic Income deposits. It was a little like getting to the end of a race, where there are bagels and bananas and space blankets. The catch was if you got stuck in the Country, you were on your own. Still, some people wanted to live in the Country.

See Cherith Brook.

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