Sleeping and Eating

Therer are a lot of topics below, and I can’t do them all justice. But they are all worth a lick and a promise.

Snickers: After dinner, 99% of the time, I have a fun-sized Snickers for dessert. I read that Meb does this, and to satisfy that little chocolate craving, I picked up the habit myself. I have a long fondness for Snickers from my childhood when I would eat them frozen at my grandparent’s house. My grandfather, who lived through the depression, survived on a Snickers bar for lunch for a long, long time. For me, it is an indulgence.

Gatorade troubles me. I hate to think about all of the food coloring I am ingesting. I’ve mixed my own, and it’s really not that hard. Now that I am within 2 weeks of my race, I’m not going to mess with my fuel, but afterwards I may be trying out a few recipes.

Indulgences: When I was at Boy Scout Camp this summer, I realized I could survive without a glass of red wine with dinner. It is not enjoyable. So, most nights I have either a margarita or some wine. My other drugs are chocolate and caffeine. I have drunk a lot more coffee recently. Previously I had limited coffee to running days – but now I have a cup just about every morning.

My weight: I have gained a few pounds. Or maybe I should say I let a few pounds stay on me. I could drop them. Maybe. But I think keeping them makes me a little less cranky most of the time.

I have started eating a meatless lunch of rice and red beans (usually) on Monday and Wednesday, after my interval and tempo workouts. This lunch seems to help me replenish the carb stores, and it satisfies me. Today I was thinking I need to add some black olives to my entrée.

I have been eating a LOT of yogurt. HyVee’s no fat, Greek, vanilla yogurt, and HyVee’s low fat strawberry yogurt. Can’t get enough.

Sleeping: I am sleeping better but not great. Or should I say, sleep and I have a tenuous truce. Two things have helped: At work I try to get two important things done per day. And I have tried to read a book that is not about running at bed time. Of course, right now I am reading Bill Rodgers book, Marathon Man. When I wake up in the early morning, if I don’t go back to sleep soon, I just get up and go. Usually that means I’ll sleep well the next night.

On the weekends, I take a nap in my hammock from about 1:00-2:00. I read an article that said if you have to nap to get more sleep, do it. So I started. I have been drinking a little coffee on weekday afternoons, but I cut that out recently.

Priorities: From the 4 Hour Work Week, I adopted the lesson, “Don’t be efficient. Be effective.” Timothy Ferris argues that time management is a losing battle. Get fast at doing things, and you’ll just get to do more of them. Computers are efficient. People are effective. People choose the things they want to do. So, instead of stressing too much about how long it is taking me to do something, I try to choose the most important things first and let the other stuff slide.

The week: This training season I have been struck by how routine my weeks are. I do 5 days of hard workouts + 1 easy run (Saturday) + 1 REST day (Sunday). The rest day has been wonderful, paying all sorts of dividends, like being a good time to wash everything and reset. I have started saying that I am ritual-soothed.

Finding my sweet spots: I have hit flow more frequently in this training season than in the past. It is wonderful to be in the middle of a tempo and think this is hard but not bad. Then, I’ll look at my watch, check my pace and heartrate, and say to myself, keep it right there. On long runs I have gone into trance, mediation, or gotten my runner’s high. I’m not sure exactly why this is. It could be that I have been training at the right paces and things are just coming together. That’s what I like to think.

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