Who would walk around the world to tell a story?

Paul Salopek would.

This story on NPR hit me right in the solar plexus of my dreams. Here is a guy who is walking around the world to tell a story about human migration.

Meanwhile (back in the States) I have been thinking about the Boston Marathon. I have a qualifying time that will likely enable me to apply but not enable me to run, so I was thinking about other ways in. The answer? Become a charity runner. (I have always thought… I don’t want to do that.)

Once I started thinking about running for charity (seriously), and realized that the “minimum” fund-raising goal for getting into Boston is about $5,000 (a 5K of a different kind), it seemed like a goal too far. (I started thinking, “Raising $5,000 is harder than running 26.22 miles!”) This got me thinking about what I would run for. The answer? Water. Now, I would love to evolve my running into a purpose bigger than itself. I went to the Boston marathon site, and looked at the charities that are affiliated with them. And although there are many worthy charities, water.org (or anything like it) is not among them.

I have also been entertaining the hare-brained notion of running across the continental United States. And I have been wondering about creating some sort of narrative out of my own running “journey.”

Then, along comes this story of a journalist who is telling the story of human migration by walking around the world starting in the cradle of humanity. Have a listen. Look at the pictures. My two favorites are of the people praying for rain and the people holding up their cell phones (praying) for a signal. Our “human cradle” is suffering a mega-drought right now. People are crying out for water.

If you please, check it out.

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