Hamster Wheel

After reading the article in Runner’s World about sitting being the new smoking (like pink is the new white…), I have been standing more. Or, more accurately, I’ve been more happy when I’m standing and not longing to sit down. I’m figuring I’ve got at least a 9 hour sit/day habit on week days. Weekends are a little better.

Anyway, seeing the pictures of the active workstations, got me “jumping” to what’s next? What’s next is the workstation that is powered by a treadmill. Imagine a future when fuel from fossil sources has been burned up. So, everyone who works has to “warm up” their workstation by running for an hour. Then the lights come on and you can do some work at the computer. Eight hours later (after some intense recovery), you run another hour so you have some power saved up for tomorrow. “People” power! (Bananas are cheap.) Then, you get in your car and drive home. Just kidding!

On August 18, I had a vision of a fast-food restaurant chain that is powered by people on treadmills. Can you imagine if the person who is taking your order has to walk at 1.7 mph in order to get the cash register turned on? Or if the lights are powered by the energy of several people chugging away at marathon pace? “Hi, welcome to Subway!” the greeter would huff out. (I picked Subway just because I like it and it’s a pretty healthy chain. Seems within the realm of possibility.) And what if they moved the food around in people-pulled semis? I think I would like that job. Mush!

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