Go Cart

At a recent Boy Scout meeting, the scoutmaster presented a “go bag” that he had put together. This was intriguing to me, because I had recently read “Odds Against Tomorrow,” which is the story of a mathematician/prophet and how he survives the disaster he predicts/prophesies for New York. Anyway. The “go bag” had a water purifier, first aid kit, solar sheet, etc. in an Army surplus backpack. Really it’s a good idea. I need to get me one of those.

So, on my runs, I’ve been having hare-brained ideas about doing a trans-continental run. And I read James E. Shapiro’s book, “Tales from the Breakdown Lane,” which both fascinated me and pretty much cured me of wanting to do my own trans-con (anytime soon).

So, I’m on my early morning run, and the homeless guys are just starting to get up and move around. I saw one guy shoulder his “go bag.” And I thought, what a person needs (especially one who has a family) is a “go cart.” Because what are you going to do if you have to get out of Olathe and the zombies have taken over all the gas stations? The “go cart” was partially inspired by seeing a travois in a Scouting magazine article. Some kid won a prize for designing a travois. It had two wheels, with a sheet stretched over an A-frame. The picture showed a man harnessed to it with two kids riding on the sheet.

I was thinking a go cart with a solar panel would be nice. And having one of those things might make a trans-con doable. You might even be able to do it relay style. Of course, I don’t have any takers yet. You could also go on a family run (in stages, a la Born to Run – running is a group activity! for GOING places). Or take it to work. Or survive the zombie apocalypse.

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