Achilles Tendinopathies

This article convinced me I need to keep up with the heel drops, and this time around focus on fore-foot stability. So I’m concentrating on having good control at toe-off. The heel drop exercise is a many splendored thing.

I was watching my son walking, and he over pronates just like me. His left foot looks completely normal until toe off, when there is a VICIOUS roll to the inside and his heel flies out. I was watching him thinking, that’s what I’m doing to my foot and ankle and knee. Great.

It seems to me that my tendon actually gets better on the road. And recent trips to Chicago and New York were (still… surprising to me) beneficial to my tendon. I didn’t manage to ice AT ALL in Chicago or New York, kept up my usual running, and my tendon came back no worse for the wear. (My left knee however did NOT like the airplane seats!) So, I’m sticking with the things I have found most effective to date: heel drops, rolling my calves, gentle stretching (my favorite right now is yoga – downward dog), consistent icing, and the occasional Vitamin I, Ibuprofen.

In Ultramarathon Man, there is a woman who fought cancer when she was a little girl. She loved running, but had to stop because of the cancer. When she was 19, her left leg was amputated and two years later one of her lungs was removed. Now, she runs marathons. With a smile on her face she says, “The great irony of my life is that I couldn’t run with two legs, but I can with one.” She over pronates, too.

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