Recovery Shake

This just looks delicious. And it has me thinking about changing my recovery shake.

This season, my recovery meal is 6 oz. skim milk, 1 Tbsp flax seed, 1 Tbsp chocolate drink mix, 2 Tbsp maltodextrin, 2 Tbsp whey protein. Then I add enough water to get me to 12 oz. I eat a banana. And I eat 4 pretzels for every pound I lost on the run. (Lesson learned long ago… when you run, the weight you lose is mostly water. The 600 calories you actually burn on a 6 mile run amounts to about 150 grams of carbs. That’s 5 ounces. So, drink back all the water. Your body will thank you.)

I’m thinking about swapping out some of the sugar for the blue berries. And I’m thinking about subbing in greek yogurt for the whey protein. Yum! I’m also thinking about making one big shake and splitting it into old Gatorade bottles for freezing. Then on run days I’ll just pull out a frozen shake and let it thaw while I run. Add a little water and “shake!”

I tried chia seeds in my shake, and I don’t like them. They were very chewy (which is OK, but not in a shake), and they sank to the bottom. I’m going to try them in other recipes (like for muffins and bars), but they’re not going back in the shake.

I’ve been making 4 shakes in a batch for the past two weeks and it’s working great. I put them in the freezer at the beginning of the week, and then pull one out the night before a run. By morning, it has started to thaw. By the time I’m done with my workout, it’s slushy. I add a little water (to get to 16 oz), tip back, and enjoy. First I make the fruit part of the shake with a little milk, then I pour in 2oz of milk to each shake. That sinks to the bottom and makes a nice ice cube for me, since I drive to work to work out, my shake is out for almost 2 hours before I start drinking it. It took a couple of days to get the timing right on the melting, but I’m loving this routine.

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